Different Bridal hair Styles for Black Women to Make Them Stand Out on Their Big Day.

As brides, knowing the right bridal hair styles to make on your big day is very essential. In fact it is one of the most important part of the bridal package aside from the wedding dress and makeup.

No matter the type of hair you have, every brides want to look beautiful with their hair looking gorgeous. Here are some bridal hair styles that I have surfed the internet to can help you make the right choice.

A) Long hair styles for black brides

1) For long hair styles, you can decide to wear it long, loose and wavy with a tiara. This will give you a royal look.

2) You can also decide to wear it with a side parting. This will give you a very nice side view. You can add a nice hair accessory to it to add to your glow up.

3) Adding a simple rose pin or accessory to your long wavy hair is another way to look beautiful. It is simple and classy.

B) Short Hair Styles for Black Brides

1) For the brides who love to rock their short hair, you are not left out, here you can wear your hair with an accessory at the both sides. With the sides and edges swept up neatly.

2) Now this is beautiful, rocking your low cut is another way to stand out as a bride. With just your veil to act as the only accessory it gives you a simple look and very elegant.

3) You can sweep your short hair up held with pins and then use flowers as your accessory. This is very beautiful and gives a sophisticated look.

4) For brides who have short curly hair, this hair style is for you, with the edges neatly taken care of. With the flower hair band giving it a soft look.

5) This is another beautiful look. Flowers make a beautiful hair accessory and so short wavy hair is a go with this look.

C) Chignon Hair Styles for Black Brides

1) Now, we are into the more sophisticated look. Chignon hair styles have been worn by brides for a long time. And now hair stylists have come up with different new ideas. Here you can go for a tight neat chignon pulled to the back and some part of the hair falling at the front.

2) this is another beautiful way to wear your chignon hair styles. For this you can go for two neat chignon with one at the front and one at back. The lacy accessory gives it an elegant touch.

3) for this, you can just settle for a sophisticated chignon with a side parting and a lacy accessory. This gives you a lovely side view.

4) Wow, simply wow, this is very simple with the all back chignon and the single white rose. This is very elegant.

D) Natural Hair Styles for Black Brides

Natural hair is the trend now and we black beauties are now appreciating our natural hair. So if you as a bride decide to go with the natural look. We have got you covered. This is very natural and elegant. It is the real black girl magic. The side hair accessory gives it a soft touch.

Very beautiful, we must say. You can use your natural hair to have a beautiful chignon styled with your edges well taken care of. This will give you a very chic look.

You can say black is very beautiful. Don’t you love this natural look. With your high up sophisticated chignon and hair accessory. You will look like a queen.

For the brides who wants to have a free look. Having just a side of your natural hair neatly taken care of with a flower hair accessory. This will have you looking very lovely.

Beautiful. I am seriously considering natural hair guys. I mean these styles are beautiful. Simple and beautiful.

E) Braids Hair Styles for Black Brides

1) We did not leave out the brides who loves braids. Here are some beautiful styles for brides who wants to rock their braids. You can have it all swept up in a bun held by a lacy hair accessory.

You can also use your braids for a sophisticated side chignon. Your braids can be neatly styled to give you this elegant look.

Wow, beautiful, new styles we see everyday. This is one sophisticated look. With this twists arranged neatly you can shine and stand out.

Now this is for the bold brides. You can go for this look. Gives you the boss queen look that you are and gives you all the confidence you need.

F) Bun Hair Styles for Black Brides

Buns are very elegant and makes you look like a queen. You can sweep your hair high up in a bun with your hair accessory. This will enhance your beautiful face.

You can try to mix it up with having your bun with twists and the your hair accessory.

You can go with a low bun at the nape of your neck. Here all your hair is swept back into a low bun with your hair accessory to make you shine.

Now for the brides with full hair. This is for you. You can style your natural hair Into a high bun with your hair all out to show.

Now this is very beautiful. All your swept up into a messy bun with some hair falling on your front hair. This will give you a chic look.

G) Curly Hair Styles for Black Brides

For the curly girls, you are not left out. You can sweep your hair Into a messy up do and it gives a soft look.

You can decide to go with your curls messy with no accessory.

For your long curly hair, you can wear it long with just flowers as an accessory

You can decide to go with a sophisticated look with your curls.

H) Afro hair styles for black brides

Yes we love Afros, glow up with your Afros beautiful brides and these styles can help you out.

Know this is classy. With just this flower piece as an accessory, you can stand on with your Afro.

You can also style your Afro into this to give you a sophisticated look.

I) Half Up hai Styles for Black Brides

Half up hair styles are also a trend for brides who want to look like a princess on her big day.

Now this is beautiful, with half of your hair up and half down. This is very beautiful and gives you the princess look.

You can sweep your hair to the side with this half up hair style. Now you look like royalty.

Let’s not forget the messy bun with tendrils falling at the sides of your face. Excellent. Now you look like a queen.

Wow, so far we have covered lots of hair styles for you black queens that with make you look like magic on your big day.

What to Wear and What not to Wear to a Nigerian Wedding as a Guest

OK it is midweek and we are all looking forward to the weekend. Most of us have events coming up probably a wedding to attend. Now to attend a Nigerian wedding, you have know what to wear being the the main aim is to represent and then SLAY!!!. but not all dressing can pass. Here are some tips to guide on What to Wear to a Nigerian wedding:1) The Wedding Asoebi Asoebi!!! The word alone is event. Have a wedding to attend this weekend, ๐Ÿ‘‰ going dressed in the asoebi material is a huge check ๐Ÿ‘. It gives a good feeling that we are part of this event. Nigeria weddings love asoebi. In fact I haven’t been to any wedding where there are not varieties of different asoebi. It adds colour to the event and we Nigerian ladies of course bring our A game to slay.2) Ankara or lace OK let’s say you weren’t able to get the asoebi, that doesn’t stop you from slaying and glowing at the event. You can go in an Ankara sown dress or even lace. If the Ankara colour is close to the colours of the day for the wedding, that is a huge bonus. So aside from the asoebi, going in a different Ankara material can also give you that slay feeling.3) GownsYes gowns can go for what to wear to a wedding but note, not all gowns can pass. Dinner gowns is a go, even gowns that you can slay with. Please note cooperate gowns are not part of the gowns you can go to a wedding with. These gowns will give you an elegant touch and you will look gorgeous in them.4) Jumpsuits Now who doesn’t love a good jumpsuit. Whether it is an Ankara jumpsuits or a plain jumpsuits, they always give us that confidence when we have them on. Jumpsuits are the trends now and of course they make a lovely wear for any event. So you have a jumpsuit that can make you slay at your highest, rock it to that friends wedding.5) Palazo Trousers Yep, palazo trousers can give you the right slaying game at an event. Stylish palazo trousers are also a trend now and we Nigerian ladies love to slay I them so you can rock you trousers to that wedding. Who says you need an asoebi to slay at a wedding.6) Head Accessories (facinators)You can add a little touch to your look by adding a head accessory. This will give you a sophisticated look and also add to you slay game.Now What not to Wear to a Nigerian wedding:1) JeansYes, we love our jeans but nope, they don’t go for a wedding outfit, keep them for casual meetings or even dates.2) SuitsWeddings are a social affair and so keep everything cooperate out of it. Wait till Monday, then you can slay with you cooperate look.3) Blazers Blazers are cute, gives you a business look, but girl this is a wedding not a board room meeting and so keep the blazers far from it.4) Cooperate GownsYeah some people might think, ‘it is just a gown’ girl yeah it is, but we are here to socialize and get down with dancing. You don’t want to be seen trying to do some dance step in a cooperate gown. It is a no, leave those for the office.Glad I could help with these tips, so prepare for that wedding and slay according.Have a wonderful day.

Five Tips That Can Help in Planning an Outdoor Birthday Celebration with A Low Budget

Alright ladies, for some of us that are not into the indoor type of birthdays celebration. You are looking forward to having fun with your girls outdoors but still with a safe budget. Here are some tips that can help you have a wonderful celebration.

But before that we have to decide on some things:

# How many friends are you inviting for the celebration, this is very important because we are worth on a budget. So you can probably go for four to five of your close friends so that you can afford whatever treats you want to pay for them.

# The means of transportation, now this is also important because we’ll some of us may not have personal cars and we also want to join in the fun so you can arrange for the six of you to go with two cars or if you guys don’t have personal cars, you girls can call two cabs to take you girls there.

So with these two decisions settled we can get started:

1) Go See a Movie

OK for some of us, this must have the first idea to cross our minds. Who doesn’t love to go see movies with friends. Now you and your girls can go see any movie that interest you guys. You can decide to pay for the popcorn or drinks that comes with it. This is why inviting very few close friends is important because we don’t want our bank accounts to dry off after paying for every one’s treats. Then maybe after the movie, you guys can have some ice-cream and just chill and have a good time.

2) Have a Picnic

Yes picnics, that another wonderful idea on how to celebrate. When was the last time you went for a panic. It is very refreshing and relaxing. You and your girls can go to any peaceful park with food, drinks, mats or carpets or anything you guys want to use and just have a wonderful time. Gist, play, make jokes and just relax. Trust me it is on a low budget.

3) Go To The Beach

Yep!!! Friends that slay together. Going to the beach is another idea, now is the perfect time for you and your girls to put on that sexy swim suits and just have a good time. You can also park food, drinks, games, towels etc. Whatever you girls need to make you comfortable. And remember to take lots of pictures.

4) Have Dinner at a Cozy Restaurant

Having dinner with just your girls is another perfect way to enjoy your day without breaking the banks. You can decide on a cozy restaurant, one that you can afford the food served there and just give your girls a nice treat. You can go for a place where the girls can locate easily and is decent and of course serve good food. Because we girls love good food.

5) Go for a Recreational Activities

Now recreational activities or centers are like parks or resorts where people can come for site seeing, games, discussions etc. You girls can also meet new friends there and just have a good time.

Hope these tips can help you with your upcoming birthday celebrations.

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Ten Steps to Help You Celebrate your Birthday without Breaking the Bank

Hey Ladies!! Is your birthday coming up or one of your girlfriends birthday is around the corner and you just want to have a celebration within a low budget and of course one that will not break the bank. Then here are some steps that can help you out.

Now the first question is:

What Do You Want?

This is a very important question. What do you want?

#Do you want an indoor or outdoor celebration ?

#How many friends do want over ? maybe just four or five of your close friends or just immediate family members.

#How much are you willing to spend on this birthday ?

Now after knowing what you want, you can now plan accordingly. I am going to help you out, so if you picked a small indoor celebration, here are some steps that can help you out

A) Indoor celebration

OK so now you have decided to have a small celebration with just four or five of your close friends. This is a good idea because our main aim is to have a celebration that won’t break our banks. So let’s get started.

1) Your Venue

OK, it is an indoor celebration so you can decide to have your over to your place for the celebration or you can have it in one of your girlfriends home. This will make everyone comfortable enough to celebrate.

2) Have a Theme

You can decide to go for a theme party. Having a theme party is fun. You can decide for the dress code to be chic, glamorous, old school, sexy. You can even go for a particular color for you and your girls to come in. This will add more colours to the celebration.

3) Bring Your Own Drink

Your friends can each bring over a drink either bottles of wine or champagne or a park of beer or maybe juice or Chapman. These can serve as the drinks that will be served.

4) Cook Your Own Food

This will save a lot of money that would have been spent in ordering the service of a catering company. It can also be fun when your friends can join you in the kitchen. You guys can gist and also enjoy each others company.

5) Order Some Snacks

To spice things up, you can order pizza or cupcakes that can serve as snacks for you guys to chew on while you all have fun. You can also have home made popcorn too.

6) Play Games

Playing some games can make things fun. Games such as devil’s basket, what do you know about the celebrant, dancing competition, and soany other fun games that can add life to the party.

7) See a Home Movie

You can also arrange for you and your girls to see a movie at home. You can rent a movie or stream it online or even from the TV or from your laptops. Trust me you guys will have fun seeing a movie together.

8) Give out Cheap but Memorable Gifts

You can decide to give your girls memorable gifts such as matching necklaces, earrings, cute slippers etc. Any gifts that is cheap but shows that you really appreciate you guys friendship and it should be memorable.

9) Dance and Groove to Good Music

Now there can’t be a party without good music so instead of hiring a DJ, you can play music from a music box, home theatre, stereo system etc, any device that can give you good music to groove to.

10) Take Lots of Pictures

Girls and pictures, yep we absolutely love taking pictures. It is just one of the ways we express ourselves. So girls take lots of pictures to keep good memories.

Hopefully these steps can help you with your birthday celebration. Don’t forget to comment and ask any questions.

Detailed steps to take on the week of your wedding

Finally it is your wedding week !!! and we are super excited. It is just few more days to go before you say I do. So far we have discussed the steps to take when planning your wedding from sixteen months before the wedding. Now we will discuss the steps to take on the week of your wedding.

Week of The Wedding

A) Reconfirm Arrival Times with Vendors

Confirm the time each vendor has agreed to arrive at any of the venue. If there is any confusion concerning how to get to the venues, direct them properly on how to get to the address without any stress and for them to be there on time.

B) Delegate Small Wedding Day Tasks

Pick someone to be in charge of holding your dress, someone to carry your things, someone to be in charge of gifts (especially the enveloped sort), someone to hand out tips, and someone to be the point person for each vendor. This will help to take some of the load off your shoulders and for you to enjoy you day.

C) Send a Timeline to the Bridal PartyThe bridal party includes your bridesmaids, groomsmen, those that you have given some of the wedding day tasks to. You have to send out the timeline of the wedding day to each of them. The timeline is the schedule on how the day will go with time allocated to each program. So the timeline will get everyone set and ready and be on time.

D) Pick Up Your DressNow is the best time to pick up your dress from the dress maker. By now you should have finished with the last dress fitting.

E) Check in one Last Time with the Photographer Supply him or her with a list of moments you want captured on film. This will help him or her with the job and to deliver effectively.

F) Set Aside Checks for the VendorsAnd put tips in envelopes to be handed out at the event.

G) Book a Spa Treatment We absolutely love some spoiling before the wedding because after all the planning and coordinating, you must be tired and exhausted and so we can’t have a tired bride with sleep bags under eyes on dat day. So Make an appontment for a manicure and a pedicure the day before the wedding. (You might want to get a stress-relieving massage, too.) please this last pert is necessary.

H) Send the Final Guests Lists to the Caterer and all Venues Hosting your Wedding Related Events. Sending the guests list to the caterer allows them to plan accordingly with the number of guests coming and also the venues hosting your events will know that number of guests you are expecting.

I) Break in Your ShoesBreaking in your wedding shoes means trying them on multiple times advisable on a carpet in order for them to feel comfortable in. Now new shoes can sometimes be tight at first but by breaking in they tend to expand and feel more comfortable.

J) Assemble the Welcome BasketsNow is the right time assemble the wedding baskets and souvenirs for the guests.

k) Park for Your Honeymoon Now we park for the honeymoon. Because by now, you must have booked your honeymoon destination. So you are all set to go.Wow, we have done a great job so far and now we just have to enjoy the wedding day.Enjoy your day.

Detailed Steps that can Help You Plan Your Wedding (part 7)

OK guys it is one month to the wedding and we still have some final plans to do. So far we have covered six sections in planning your perfect wedding and the it has been exciting discussing these plans with you guys. Today we are going to be discussing the steps to take one month before that wonderful day. So let’s get started.


One month before the wedding

A) Enter RSVPs Into Your Guests List Data

RSVP or as Nigerians calls it (Rice Stew Very Plenty ๐Ÿ˜‚) is a means of communication between the guests and the couple letting them know if they accept the invitation or they decline. This helps the couple to know how many guests will be able to come and to finalize the plans ahead. While sending your invitations out, the RSVP has to be included either as a separate piece as seen above or in most cases the RSVP in written in the invitations with phone numbers through which the guests can all to communicate with the planner. So now is the best time to phone people who have not yet responded.

B) Visit the Dressmaker for (with luck) Your Last Dress Fitting

OK guys the last thing any bride wants on her wedding day is for her dress not to fit. During the process of planning some brides put on weight while some lose some weight. So for peace of mind, you may want to schedule a fitting the week of your wedding. You can always cancel the appointment if you try on the dress then and it fits perfectly.

C) Send the Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Of course we can’t forget the rehearsal dinner. This as discussed before in the previous posts is not compulsory as some couples can decide to go on without a rehearsal dinner. But if you want to have one, now is the perfect time to send invitations to your close family members, the bridal train, close friends and of course the officiant for the dinner.

D) Stock the Bar

With feedback from the RSVP you now have a firm head count and you can order your drinks accordingly.

E) Send Out as Many Final Payments as You Can

OK so now is the right time to send out the final payments to the vendors as many as you can depending on the agreement you had with them. To avoid any embarrassment on your special day, it is advised to plan according to your budget.

F) Confirm Times for Hair and Makeup and all Vendors

The worst nightmare a bride can have is bad hair and makeup on her wedding day. Before now you must have booked your appointments with the makeup and hair vendors so now will be the perfect time to confirm the time they will be there on the wedding day and also confirm all other necessary things.

G) Send Directions for Drivers of Transport Vehicles

This gives the drivers ample time to navigate a route.

H) Assign Seating

Draw out table shapes on a layout of the room to help plan place settings. Write the names of female guests on pink sticky notes and the names of male guests on blue sticky notes so you can move people about without resketching the entire setting.

I) Write Vows, if Necessary

Vows, these are not compulsory but some couples go for it and it always makes the ceremony emotional and beautiful. In the vows couples express their feelings and promises to each other. This adds a perfect touch to your ceremony.

J) Purchase Bridesmaids Gifts

Bridesmaids are the besties you can’t live without and they are here for you on your big day, to support you, to cheer you on, to help make your day a smooth one. So you can surprise them with gifts showing your appreciation. Youโ€™ll present them at the rehearsal dinner or on the morning of your wedding.

wow today’s update is a lengthy one but i am sure we had a great time going through these steps. We are getting closer and closer and trust me we can’t wait. So thanks once again for joining my blog today don’t forget to ask questions or comment.

see you guys later.

Detailed Steps that can Help You plan Your Wedding (part 6)

Wow, we are in the part 6 already!!! This means we are getting somewhere and trust me I am super excited as you are about the upcoming wedding and can’t wait too. We have done some progress with the planning and now this is two months to the wedding. we will be discussing some steps to take during this period.


Two Months Before the Wedding

A) Touch Base Again With All The Vendors

At this stage, the first draft of your schedule has gotten to your vendors. So now is a good time to go over all the details with the vendors that you have chosen. Make sure any questions you or they had on your first draft have been answered.

B) Meet With The photeographer

Meet with the photographer to go over to the venues chosen for the ceremony and reception to pick out the post that you want for your photographs. Discuss specific shots, and walk through the locations to note spots that appeal to you. Then finalize everything necessary concerning the photography.

C) Review the Playlist with the Band or Dj

As earlier discussed in our previous posts. Your playlist must have been ready by now and this is the best time to go over the playlist with the band or Dj. Though you probably wonโ€™t be able to dictate every single song played, you should come prepared with a wish list.

D) Send Out the Invitation

This is the perfect time to send out the invitations to your family and friends. You can give it to them yourselves or can mail it to them. Sending the invitations six to eight weeks before the ceremony, sets the RSVP cutoff at three weeks after the postmark date.

E) Enjoy a Bachelorette Party/ Bridal Shower

Yeah!!!!, we have been waiting for this. Finally your bridal shower is here. The planning for the bridal shower falls on the maid of honor, so by now you can enjoy one. So have fun with your girls, relax and take some of the load of your shoulders. In my upcoming posts I will be discussing how to plan the perfect bridal shower.

The steps today are only five and so we will continue with the next step later this evening. I am really having fun with all these planning that it feels like it is even my wedding. See you later guys.

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